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Balasana Session 2 Image
Move into the all fours position with your knees under your hips and your hands placed so that the fingertips are under your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide and check that the middle fingers of your hands are parallel. If necessary, rotate your arms (without moving the hands) so that your elbows point towards your feet. Straighten one leg backwards leaving the top of the foot on the floor. Then slide your hips, trunk and straightened leg backwards until your bottom reaches the heel of the folded leg and your elbows are resting on the floor. Allow the hip of your straight leg to settle so that is level with the other hip. Keeping your hips in their current position, activate your folded leg as though trying to press the foot into the floor hold for about 2 breaths, then relax the folded leg (allowing hips to settle down a little more) and hold for a further 2 breaths. Lift the hips forwards and up, allowing the arms to straighten, and then draw the straight leg forward to beside the other leg. Repeat to the other side.

From the all fours position, lower your hips backwards to your heels. Make fists with your hands and place one on top of the other under your head, then rest your forehead on your fists. (If this is not fully comfortable you can place some padding under your fists.) Allow your whole body to relax downwards to be supported by the earth. Inhaling, start with your awareness resting at the base of your spine and as you inhale, move your awareness up your spine, to the top on the spine, perhaps even through your head to the crown of your head. Imagine the in-breath enters into your mid trunk, slightly lifting the mid-spine. Exhaling, bring your awareness from the top of your spine (or crown of your head) down your spine to the base of your spine. Continue this for 5 or so breaths. Then lift back into the all fours position.

Lie on your back with legs together and stretched out along the floor, arms comfortably by your sides. Inhaling, point your feet and toes away from your head, allowing your spine to lift a little as you do this. Exhaling, point your heels away from your head and draw your toes toward your head, allowing your spine to settle downwards. Continue for several breaths. Enjoy the gentle movement of the toes that naturally occurs as you point and flex your feet.

Lie down in a comfortable position and practise a relaxation method. You could try the following as a relaxation or breathing visualisation. Bring your awareness (or imagined focus) to the front base of your spine. Inhaling, encourage this awareness to travel up the front of the spine. Exhaling, encourage this awareness to travel back down to the base of the spine. Maybe your awareness will travel all the way up to where the spine connects to the skull or even beyond to the crown of your head; it is also fine for the awareness to be a small way up the spine: the slower the awareness moves, the less distance travelled by the awareness, but the more settling and restful the practice will be. Remember not to rush sitting up and standing after practising relaxation as it causes the blood pressure to fall, which can cause dizziness if one moves too quickly.