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We intend that users should feel free to print out any or all of these web pages for their own use. We are also very happy for you to print and distribute copies of these pages for others if this would be useful.  The following comments may prove helpful in obtaining satisfactory printouts.

Printing web pages can lead to a number of problems which are not normally observed when printing documents from offline sources.  We are aware of two particular problems with respect to printing from these web pages and hope that the following notes will allow all users to obtain satisfactory printouts from any of these pages.  If you follow these notes and still have problems, I would be glad to hear about, and I will try to help you resolve, any problems that you have encountered if you let me have details at    contacts@sudokasana.co.uk

1)  As a rule it is best to use the  'Print Preview...'  option (available within the  'File' menu) rather than the  'Print'  option (or a printer button sometimes available at the top of the page) because this allows you to see how the document will print - and will thus alert you to potential problems before printing begins.

2)  These pages are set up for printing on A4 paper in Portrait mode with 5mm margins all round.  Set Headers and Footers to blank/empty space.   These options can all be set via the 'Page Setup...' option (or equivalent if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer) in the File menu drop-down list.

3)       { Not relevant for this website but perhaps a handy tip to know about }
Adverts placed at the top of the screen can interfere with printing  because they involve an additional frame placed there by some web-hosts.  (Usually only free webhosting services do this).  If this problem arises, it can be circumvented by selecting the 'Only the selected frame' option from the 'Print' or 'Print Preview...' options.  Normally the 'selected' frame will be the correct one automatically, but, if you see the advert on the  'Print Preview...'  screen then close that screen, click within the desired page and return to the  'Print Preview...'  page : you should then see the desired page.