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The main aim of the Sudokasana website is to deliver free Yoga (and Sudoku) content. We would particularly like to link to other websites offering mainly (or at least significantly) freely useable content.  If you have such a website, or know of one which you believe shares this aim, then please let us know at    contacts@sudokasana.co.uk         
We will then check out the site and post a link here.

Some Relevant Weblinks
Websites with Yoga Resources
Dharmadownloads website : a wide range of downloadable resources for the Global Yoga Community compiled by Paul Harvey http://www.dharmadownloads.info
A forum community for people to discuss yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and spiritual aspects of yoga. http://www.yogaforums.com
Pam Horton's Website, featuring various free downloads, yoga resources and details of classes and seminars http://www.yogapam.me.uk
Website for The Yoga Journal http://www.yogajournal.com
Yoga Centres
Paul Harvey's Centre for Yoga Studies website, featuring yoga resources and details of learning options etc. http://www.yogastudies.org
Website for the Satchidananda Wholistic Trust - which aims to make it possible for all people to enjoy a healthier and more peaceful life. http://www.swtrust.org
The Satyam Satyananda Yoga Centre website http://www.satyamyoga.co.uk
Satyananda Yoga Centre website http://www.syclondon.com
The Sitaram Partnership - a home for family yoga and hypnotherapy, offering a range of resources and classes (including postnatal, baby, kids and family classes). http://www.sitaram.org
The Special Yoga Centre : a wonderfully healing yoga space in N.W.London - home to many classes/events. Weekly donation classes and UK home of yoga for the Special child. http://www.specialyoga.org.uk
Website for Annette Ananda's school of yoga in Northampton - offering a range of Yoga resources including articles and a shop for yoga items. http://www.annetteschoolofyoga.com
Website for the Mandala Yoga Ashram http://www.mandalayoga.net
Website for the Self Centre - discussing, and offering, a range of alternative therapies. Contact details for courses etc. http://www.the-self-centre.co.uk
Yoga Junction : a well-known centre in London which offers a range of yoga training courses and yoga classes http://www.yogajunction.co.uk
Yoga Organisations
British Wheel of Yoga, Governing Body for Yoga in Great Britain http://www.bwy.org.uk
British Wheel of Yoga [Eastern Region] - this is the main website for people looking for yoga classes in East Anglia and the main free resource site for its' teachers. http://www.yoga-east.co.uk/
British Wheel of Yoga [East Midlands Region] - the BWY website for yoga students and teachers in the East Midlands Region. http://www.bwyeastmidlands.org.uk
The Inner Yoga Trust - a teacher training organisation which treats the classical asanas together with the philosophy and spiritual aspects of yoga. http://www.inneryoga.org.uk
Website for the Yoga for Health and Education Trust http://www.yoga-health-education.org.uk
Personal Websites
Rosemary Bennett's website - details of courses, classes, seminars and some alternative therapies http://www.premayoga.co.uk
Mandy Brinkley's website - details of courses, classes, events and relevant news http://www.yellowbeanyoga.co.uk
Jacquelyn Cooper's website - details of classes, discussions of meditation and yoga, some downloads and a blog http://www.halcyonyoga.com
Yoga with Nerissa is an informative webpage which covers yoga for a wide variety of people including children, special needs and pregnancy. One specific feature is the positive birth stories. http://www.yogawithnerissa.co.uk
Pauline Fleming's website - details of courses, classes, events http://www.infinitespace.org.uk
Derek Lucas's Hockley Yoga School website - details of courses, classes, retreats http://www.hockleyyoga.co.uk
June Rowland's website, concentrating on early learning yoga and offering yoga starter packs and manuals for the early years. http://junesyoga.co.uk
Wendy Teasdill's website, featuring yoga resources and details of classes, seminars etc. http://teasdill.com
Billy Tudor's website for Yoga and Reiki, featuring details of classes, workshops etc. http://www.yoga-xen.co.uk
Anne Vincent's website, featuring details of classes, workshops etc.; also a nice take on Yoga through the seasons. http://www.yogawithanne.co.uk
Jan Wilding's website, featuring details of classes, workshops etc. as well as some interesting discussion on yoga-related issues. http://www.janwilding.com
Rosie Wright's website, featuring details of classes, yoga holidays etc., and covering Yoga, Reiki and Homeopathy. http://www.sourceravensden.co.uk
Miscellaneous Links
Lulu.com - a micropublishing website http://www.lulu.com/uk