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Cover image : Sudoku by Design
SUDOKU BY DESIGN - This 'how-to' book explores a wide range of techniques, both simple and complex, for solving Sudoku puzzles. Each technique is illustrated with 20 original Sudoku puzzles based on 20 symmetrical designs. The book can be used by all puzzlers but is especially aimed at those who have tried some Sudokus and wish to move on to harder puzzles.
[ Paperback, 6x9 inch, 302 pps., 220 Sudoku puzzles / solutions. ]

Cover image : Sudoku the X-Factor

SUDOKU : THE X-FACTOR - For addicts of Sudoku who want a change, this variant imposes the additional requirement that each of the nine symbols used should occur just once on each main diagonal. An introduction explains the key points about Sudoku-X, briefly discussing required solution techniques. The 'meat' of the book is supplied by four sets of 80 increasingly hard Sudoku-X puzzles.
[ Paperback, 6x9 inch, 328 pp, 320 Sudoku-X puzzles / solutions. ]



Cover image : Some Sutras on Sensual Indulgence
SOME SUTRAS ON SENSUAL INDULGENCE - Here is a collection of thoughts written in the style of the yoga sutras of Pantanjali. These thoughts explore the apparently selfish intent of maximizing one's personal pleasure in life and how this can lead to one acting with the care of 'all' in mind. The idea behind these thoughts is that, instead of advocating that one acts with "selflessness", or in "selfless service" (which can feel very difficult to do), one instead acts for oneself - but learns to do this as skillfully as possible - with the beneficial 'side-effect' encompassing care for all.
[ Paperback, 4.25x6.88 inch, 125 pp. FREE Download available. ]

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