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MiniSum - Easy (top), Medium (middle), Hard (bottom)
Easy MiniSum Puzzle
Here are some sets of three MiniSum puzzles.

The puzzles are a sort of miniature Sudoku puzzle [cf. the Daily Telegraph's Sujiko(TM) puzzles], and may range from very simple to very difficult. 

As usual, one must fill in the squares with the digits 1 to 9 in such a way that each symbol appears once. In addition, the sum of all digits within each adjacent group of 4 squares must add up to the number in the diamonds at each intersection.  Normally one or more of the square values is given to help in the solution. In certain cases, however, the puzzles can be solved with just the four sum values - in such cases, the puzzles are usually quite difficult : I shall, occasionally, include such MiniSums.

Pick Puzzle Set
Medium MiniSum Puzzle
Moderate MiniSum Puzzle