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Cage-Sum (aka Killer) Sudokus - Easy (top), Medium (middle), Hard (bottom)
Easy Killer Sudoku Puzzle
See also the small variant based on sums - click here or on MiniSum above.

Here are some sets of Killer Sudoku puzzles. The Downloads page offers a free Windows-compatible Player program for Killer Sudokus plus downloads of some featured puzzles.

The puzzles sound very difficult, but may range from very simple to fiendish.  Indeed the name stems from an Anglicised form of Japanese for "sum", "number" and " place" . 

In these puzzles there are a series of cages/meshes/linked groups of squares, each containing a small number.  (Groups may be shown in different colours but are normally shown, as here, with dotted outlines).

As usual, one must fill in the squares with the digits 1 to 9 in such a way that each symbol appears once in each column, row and 3 x 3 mini-box. In addition, the sum of all digits within each linked group must add up to the small number within the linked group of squares.  By convention, no repetition of digits is allowed within a linked group. A corollary of this is that a linked group can never link more than 9 cells (and the sum of contained digits is then 45). Some examples of my puzzles involving linked groups containing 9 squares each are included amongst these sets of puzzles.

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Medium Easy Killer Sudoku Puzzle
Moderate Killer Sudoku Puzzle